Oct 13

Debian Lenny Delayed and a Brief Review of My Linux Experiences

I was getting excited about the imminent release of Debian Lenny, but it has been delayed again. There are some 200 outstanding release critical bugs left to squash before it can be released. I appreciate the thoroughness put into Debian releases, which is why I use it myself. Some flavors I’ve used are as follows: Slackware, RedHat, Gentoo, Debian, OpenSUSE, Red Hat Enterprise, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server & Desktop. I’m no Linux zealot, but Linux does have a place in enterprise and small business.

I prefer Debian because it is so thoroughly tested, it’s updates and security patches are simple, and it is the best documented flavor out there. I mainly use Linux in a server environment although I have run it as my primary desktop for many years both at home and work. My professional linux experience includes running several HPC clusters and large crunch machines which process large analysis jobs. At work I am currently centered on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. The business wants to have paid maintenance even though I’ve never taken advantage of it. Part of the theory is that they may need it if I were ever to leave.

A brief summary of the flavors I have used is as follows. Continue reading